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Content writing is the key to both ranking and futureproofing your website in the 2020’s. Google crawls websites for hundreds of factors, but the most important factor for staying in that rank one spot is content writing. Making sure that your content is always fresh, relevant and important to the search terms that users are using is key to both the rank one spot and snippet boxes.

If you have ever asked a question on Google, you will notice that at the top of each page related to a question is a box with a snippet of content. This is the coveted rank 0 spot, which has become key in converting long-tail keywords into customers. A customer may have a question regarding the size of a product, the functions of a service or anything related to either of the two. Answering that question will mean users have a reason to click onto your page and read further information.

Duluth Content Writing

While it is true that any click to your website is good, now that bounce rate has become a ranking factor, ensuring that readers or users stay on your website after clicking through is more important than ever. You can also use a significant amount of CTA’s (call to actions) alongside interlinks to push people towards the pages or services that you want to sell.

An additional factor of rank 0 spots is that Google will consider your website to be informative and knowledgeable about your website’s subjects. The more authority you seem to have about a subject, the higher Google will rank related content.

Great content is also key to gathering inbound backlinks without having to push for them. If you have a page that people will want to see, other websites will send links to those pages for their own readers to see. This is a great way to continue building authority for your site.

Content is key, and Duluth SEO will ensure that your content is futureproofed and evergreen.

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