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Link Building

One key aspect of SEO is link building. The more high-quality links that you have pointing to your website (especially the pages that you want to rank), the faster you will rank to the number one spot. In certain situations, it may be the only way to get to the number one ranked spot. It’s important to make sure that if you were to ever begin a link building strategy, the links are the highest quality possible with the right anchor text.

There is a lot more that goes into link building than simply going onto Fiverr or UpWork and just purchasing cheap, spammy links. You want to build an actual strategy using websites that have a high authority score with great spam reputation. If you want your website to look like it is of the highest quality to Google, then you will need links of the same quality.

Duluth Link Building

We create link building strategies that are designed to be futureproofed, and to make sure the links we get are anchored correctly. With anchor text, it’s important to make sure that the hyperlink pointing towards your site is within text that is relevant to the page and keyword you want to be ranked for. If you are an accountant for example, you will want the anchor text to be under “Accountant” or “Accountant Duluth”. The anchor text and keywords you need to rank for are entirely dependant on the highest traffic and converting keywords.

Make sure that when you create a link building strategy, you also receive links from similar topic websites. If you are a business website, then any business-related site or blog is a good match. If you are a fashion company, then you can include fashion-based websites into that category.

However, you could also leave it to the experts in link building to create your strategy for you. Duluth SEO has been working for combined decades to provide great SEO services to our clients.

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