Local Listing Optimisation Duluth

Local Listing Optimisation

Local listing optimisation is the most underutilized and surprisingly, most effective SEO channel for local businesses. If you’ve ever searched for a product or service, you’ll notice the map pack and 3 listings that follow. The businesses that are ranked within that box get an extra 20% of all search clicks, especially if the customer is closer to one of the businesses than the other two. Being in that spot shows both authority and trust from Google.

While there is a significant increase in ranking factors thanks to the local listing, there is also a conversion and click rate increase thanks to the local listing spots. If you have a 4.7*+ review rating after 50+ reviews, you’ll see a significant increase in the click through rate to your website. While a 5* average is preferred, you’ll be surprised to find that if you have a significant amount of reviews, 4.7* is acceptable to most customers.

Duluth Local Listing Optimisation

Local listing optimising is also surprisingly easy to accomplish as other companies are not utilizing it. For many services around Duluth, companies have not taken advantage of the weak competition. This includes accountants, real estate lawyers, supermarkets and even tailors. The chances are, if we haven’t worked with a company in your market within Duluth yet, this is a service that is still able to take advantage of, and you should begin immediately.

Local listings are just another way to dominate local rankings. With local listings, organic rankings and AdWords (if you decide to invest into PPC), you’ll have 3 avenues to hit the number one spot and be THE company in Duluth. That’s not including potential snippet boxes and rich results.

The most important aspect of local listings however is the lack of investment needed to stay ranked. After the initial investment and subsequent business listings, it’ll take some additional work to complete your profile. But once it is ranked, the sustainability is the best benefit of ranking your local listings. Contact Duluth SEO for the best local listing services.

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