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Page Speed Optimisation

Page speed optimisation is a key SEO aspect and ranking factor but also a significant conversion factor now that Google has moved to mobile first indexing. Many websites from local businesses to nationwide distributors suffer from page speed issues and are completely unaware of the rankings that they lose due to a slower site. They are also less aware or how many customers bounce off the website immediately, lowering overall conversion significantly.

If a page loads slower than a couple of seconds in today’s world, you’ve lost a customer. While it may seem untrue and possibly a bit exaggerated, it isn’t. There’s been hundreds of studies and experiments that show if a search user is looking for something in specific and they cannot immediately access the information necessary for them, they will quickly click off and look for another website where they can.

Duluth Page Speed Optimisation

Along with a significant drop in potential conversions (and profit) that comes with a slower site speed, the ranking impacts are also significant. Google has changed their search engine results significantly, so it prioritizes mobile in both indexing the site speed and site content. Since mobile has a focus on the site speed as a user readability function, it goes without saying that the impact site speed has is currently large.

Page speed is also great as a conversion factor. If you can bring a search user from searching their keyword into Google to a CTA such as an entry form or phone number within a second or two, then you’ve gained a customer. It’s essential to make sure a customer is always easily able to contact you as a company. This includes purchasing a product or simply customer service purposes.

The faster your page loads, the better your rankings and conversion rate per website click. If you need page speed optimisation services, call Duluth SEO today!

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