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SEO Audits

SEO audits are a significant part of the optimisation process for Duluth SEO, especially for older websites. Chances are, there are many aspects of your website that are not optimised both on page and off page. Your backlink profile may be weak or spammy, your content may be unoptimized and irrelevant to the subject, your headers and keyword targeting may be off, or you may not have been targeting the correct keyword to begin with. These are all very common mistakes from business owners, which is why an audit is significant to your optimisation success.

An audit is a simple but crucial aspect of a website’s optimisation. The idea is to identify and then correct any weaknesses your websites may face. Like a building, you need to have a sound foundation before you can consider construction. It’s the same process for a website, since you essentially rely on Googles idea of what they think your website is. Most of SEO is catering to Google and their algorithm, and your website must be built for that purpose alongside for customers.

Duluth SEO Audit

An on-page audit is also a great way to target easy wins. If you’re already somewhat established on Google and your website has some relevance and age on its side, then the use of on page optimisation is a great way to begin. You can target easy victories just through the initial optimisation period. Targeting the correct keywords (after research) will begin the journey towards organic ranking.

Audits are also a great way to check your off-page optimisation. If you’ve worked with companies or freelancers who used black hat or spammy techniques, it’s better to know sooner than later. If there’s problems with any aspects off-page, it’s a much more difficult task to repair. If your website is well established, it’s possible that you have spammy links associated to your website without even knowing.

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